Find Unparalleled Protection From Aluminum Roofs!

5vashgreyMetal has been a great choice for roofing for a long time. Not only is it strong and durable, it is economical as well; if used in the right way, it is also quite energy efficient. There are multiple kinds of metal that can be used on homes and buildings, mostly consisting of a variety of steel and steel-coated metals, although copper and aluminum can be used as well. Of the three, aluminum is the best overall performer and a superior type of metal for use as a building top.


Aluminum has many great qualities that makes it perfect as a roofing material. To begin with, it is extremely light in comparison to other metals so it can be used on a much wider array of structures than regular or coated steel. In addition, this metal is much stronger by weight than steel and has many safety and convenience features such as the following:

  • Efficient – It reflects solar heat, making it much more efficient than other metals and materials.
  • Sturdy – It will not rust, freeze, crack, curl, streak, stain, flake, attract mold, or become food for insects, making it suitable for a majority of weather conditions, including beach areas, despite the moist, salty air.
  • Fireproof – Its resistance to fire offers protection to any underlying structure.
  • Waterproof – It has a higher wind resistance than asphalt shingles and is impenetrable by hail.
  • Stylish – It is available in many forms and colors, including sheets that look like layered shingles for a more traditional look.
  • Economical – This material is very durable, giving it a long service life.

Installation Experience

When it comes to having an aluminum building top installed, there are a few precautions that should be taken to get the most out of a new investment, starting with hiring the right contractor. Although this is true with any type of roofing project, a contractor should be an experienced roofer in general and also have a great deal of experience using aluminum as well.

Installation Methods

Installation is different for each type of material and not recognizing this by using methods which are more suited to the placement of asphalt shingles could cause a roof to fail. The only way to achieve the estimated fifty-plus service years from this type of material is to have proper installation, paying particular attention to the underlayment and fasteners as well as how the sheets interlock .

Green Solution

One final benefit in the use of aluminum besides its increased thermal efficiency is that it is green in many other ways. Not only does it help drastically reduce cooling costs which helps to conserve energy, it is one hundred percent recyclable. This means that if a building is torn down, the roof can be salvaged and recycled for other uses. This material also reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills, as it not only has a long service life but can be installed over existing shingles.

With its many benefits, it is hard not to consider what a great material aluminum can be in the protection of any building. Although the initial cost for this type of roof can be slightly more expensive than other metal systems, its value is generally much higher in comparison to other material including other metals. This is particularly true in areas where heat and humidity can cause numerous problems with other materials. As with any building project, talking to a knowledgeable and reputable contractor about installation details is a great way to find unparalleled protection from an aluminum roof!

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