Reasons to Hop On the Metal Roof Bandwagon!

With so many roofing options available from which to choose, it can be hard to decide which is best; it can Roofer_houstongreatly depend on the location, climate, and budget. Metal has proven its worth over the years since it is durable and has a long service life; it is actually seeing a resurgence in popularity because these specific properties. This is especially true in buildings such as warehouses, schools, retail and other commercial facilities. Most professionals will agree that metal is a great choice, offering many benefits.

In comparison to other roofs which typically last between 10 and 20 years, metal can last for as long as 40 or more years, greatly increasing its cost effectiveness. Even though the initial installation is often more costly, the cost is actually less in the long run due to a long service life. In addition to service life, following are many more of the benefits of metal roofs.

  • Light Weight – Not only is it lighter to handle and work with, installing a metal building top can actually be done with fewer footers and supports, reducing both the amount of material and labor necessary. In spite of the lighter weight, it is just as strong, if not stronger, than other types. Sometimes the roof itself can be constructed as part of the support system of the entire building, saving even more money.
  • Convenient Installation – Since metal typically comes in large sheets, it can be applied much faster than shingles or other similar material. It is also completely waterproof, meaning it can be installed regardless of weather conditions, providing rapid protection to the underlying structure.
  • Attractive Design – It is not always realized that metal roofs are available in fifty plus colors as well as custom shades and can also be purchased with faux finishes that look like other popular textures and material types. Since it is pliable, it can be bent and molded to specific shapes, making it look like other types of roofing substances while providing durability and visual appeal at the same time.
  • Environmentally Sound – Metal is an environmentally friendly construction choice as well. In warmer climates, such buildings retain less heat and can be cooled faster; much less heat is absorbed from the sun’s rays by the surface and insulated panels have a higher R-value than other material. The sheeting is also 100% recyclable once it is stripped off for replacement.


The biggest drawback of using metal is the possibility of corrosion, which can shorten its lifespan. If the proper materials are selected for specific building needs, any drawback can be almost eliminated. Having a professional who understands the building’s construction, its use, and local climate concerns will be a main factor in deciding which product to use as well as whether a coating of paint sealant or a substrate is applied to retard corrosion.

Small details, such as having fasteners made of the same material as well as wiping away all drilling shavings to prevent corrosion from taking hold should not be overlooked. It is these minute details that can make a huge difference in a roofing project.

A metal roof can provide many years of attractive, efficient service. It is lightweight, easy to install, and environmentally sound, all of which are great reasons to hop on the metal roofing bandwagon and select this durable material for a roof!

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