Metal Roofs vs. Fires

College Station roofing companies install metal roofs to prevent fire damage.

During dry summer months in Texas often lead to drought conditions increase the likelihood a fire, either naturally occurring or accidental.  The dry state of vegetation and building materials acts as a fire accelerant, giving the fire more fuel to burn.  Most materials have a water storage capacity and generally speaking the higher the water stored in a given material, the more fire resistant that material becomes.  Unlike concrete tiles and asphalt shingles, metal roofing actually provides the best fire protection available.

Retards Fire

Metal roofing actually acts as a fire retardant.  When flaming debris lands on traditional roofs, there is a high chance of fire damage.  Depending on how long and intense the fire exposure is to the roof determines the extent of the damage.  Typically, College Station roofing companies see that when the roof catches fire, the entire structure tends to ignite as well.

In recent fires that have ravaged central Texas and California, many of the fortunate homes left standing had metal roofs.  In particular these fires were driven by extreme drought and high winds.  High winds carry dry, flaming debris over great distances.  Even the smallest flaming material has the propensity to engulf the entire house, as this is one of the most common ways a fire spreads.

Built for Fire

Metal roofs are actually built specifically to reduce fire hazard.  The entire roofing system is subjected to coded and widely recognized fire tests, independently confirmed by 3rd party laboratories.  Your College Station roofing company should be able to explain to you how each type of test rates various roofing material components.

Popular roofing fire tests include:

  • UL 790: a standard for testing the fire resistance of roof coverings
  • ASTM E108: standard test methods for fire tests
  • FM 4470: class I rating standards

Metal roofing is classified into 3 classes: A, B, and C. Class A fire resistance is the highest level of fire resistant materials currently available.  In order for College Station roofing materials to receive a Class A rating, they must be independently tested and verified with 3rd party laboratories.

Protect Your Home

Fire officials have noted that the homes that hold up the best against fire in drought conditions are the homes that have extra brush and shrubs removed from against the house.  In combination, the metal roof also prevent ignition of other roofing materials when debris landed.  Both work in conjunction to prevent fire disasters.

Schulte Roofing is a College Station roofing company has been providing central Texas with metal roofing systems that reduce fire hazards for the last 18 years.  Also, being familiar with local code is paramount for College Station roofing companies.  If you are looking for a metal roof that meets or exceeds manufacturer specifications and local municipal code, contact Schulte Roofing today.