New Energy Sources from Your Roof

bryan roofing contractor believes wind is a viable energy source

Solar energy is the most popular option for energy collection at home.  Some critics of solar energy feel that the collection devices, panels and shingles, are often cumbersome and not as cosmetically appealing.  Initial cost is also one of the biggest hurdles to entry and self-sufficiency.  However, wind provides a suitable alternative when solar is just out of reach.  In fact in some areas wind actually is a better alternative than solar.  Even in areas like Bryan, TX, roofers have the option to recommend suitable wind alternatives because energy harvesting and installation costs are lower than that of solar.

How Collection Is Done

Wind energy collection is done via wind turbines.  One of the best performing turbine systems are vertical axis turbines (VATs).  VATs have a low profile with blades positioned on a platform.  The orientation and structural design of the turbine allow it to capture wind from any direction.  Brazos Valley roofing companies can regularly attest to the frequently changing wind direction.

Vertical axis turbines are also superior to horizontal axis turbines (HATs) because they capture wind in all directions.  HATs must change their orientation to the wind’s direction in order to capture energy efficiently.  This means there are small periods where energy capture is marginal as adjustments are made by the turbine.

Recent improvements in design have also given VATs a reduced noise and increased annual power output.  Dynamic loading allows turbine systems to produce the maximum amount of power under all wind strengths.

Major Institutions Getting Involved

In January of 2013, the Texas A&M Wind Energy Institute, led by John A. Pappas, won a $4 million award for the innovation portion of the $67 million project.  The focus of the goal is to create an 18 megawatt offshore wind farm, near Brownsville.  By creating additional sources of energy, project designers are hoping to reduce the total costs of energy, alleviating the Rio Grande Valley of stunted growth.

Areas without native energy sources must import energy into the local market at an increased cost.  The increased costs place increased financial burdens on local residents, thus stunting economic growth.

Implications for the Future

Wind energy harvesting has many interesting implications for the future.  Any number of structural improvements can occur.  For a local Bryan roofing contractor that means staying up on the latest designs and roof attachment methods.  Attaching structures properly to the roof ensures a long life time on the structure and the roof as well as easy maintenance.

The decision for place a wind turbine should led by research that shows how much energy your home and the surrounding area can generate.  To get detailed information as well as cost points, contact Schulte Roofing, a Bryan roofer, with over 100 years of combined experience and the industry’s best warranty.