Practical Applications of Technology and Photovoltaic Roofing!

1Over the past several years, environmental responsibility has been called upon in every sector of the business world. Many companies are looking for opportunities to use alternative and renewable sources of energy. This is why photovoltaic roofing is growing in popularity and being used by many exclusive buildings.

When making a decision to include such a high-tech component in a building, it is best to consult with professionals and inquire about installation and maintenance. There are also practical reasons for using this option, some of which are listed below.

  • Energy Savings – The initial cost of buying and installing new photovoltaic panels continues to be very expensive for many commercial facilities. Without any governmental incentives to offset such costs, the savings from reduced commercial electricity usage does not often offset the initial expenditure. A way to save money using this system is through Solar Power Purchase Agreements (SPPA). This allows an organization to contract with third-party vendors to own, install, operate and maintain the technology for a predetermined period. This allows a business to receive reduced electrical costs when the apparatus goes into operation while a third-party contractor receives the tax credits and income from the sale of solar-generated electricity.
  • Environment – Converting sunlight into electricity is a great contribution to preserving the earth’s limited energy resources. The electricity that is produced through photovoltaic panels is renewable and universal. In addition, the energy produced is clean which prevents air pollution and improves the environment. Experts estimate that every two kilowatts of electricity generated in this fashion over a lifetime will greatly lessen carbon-dioxide emissions.
  • Enduring Source – This system, which also includes battery storage, can provide power to an entire facility when an electrical outage occurs, depending upon the capacity of the battery storage. There is no need to worry about draining the system since it automatically recharges itself during daylight hours.
  • Future Usage – With some electrical sources, a business is dependent upon petroleum products; so when crude oil prices increase, so do electrical rates as shown by recent increases of an average of six percent. When photovoltaic panels are installed, it provides protection against electricity rate hikes.
  • Cost Savings – During mid-day when the sun is at its peak, the panels are at their highest level of solar energy conversion. These peak hours are also when commercial electric power is at its peak both for usage and cost. Photovoltaic panels can offset the expensive power source at peak operating times.

Learning some of the practical implications of this option should be helpful to when considering the installation of a photovoltaic roofing system. Of course, it is highly recommended to discuss this option with skilled professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to offer this technology to all clients!

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