Know Both Sides of the Vegetative Roof Coin!

53It is essential to understand the benefits and long term impact of using green products and technologies on a roof. Energy can be saved and environment footprints can be lessened; however, it is important to know what is involved before installing a product that will require repair or replacement in just a few years.

When considering a vegetative roofing system, it is necessary to obtain information such as life-expectancy, maintenance, and engineering requirements. If these factors are not carefully weighed, the system could fail prematurely. Therefore, learning both the potential advantages and drawbacks of this kind of roof is essential in order to make a wise decision.


Following are some of the advantages of a vegetative roofing system:

  • Air Quality – Air quality is improved. Using plants on the top surface area can lessen airborne contaminants which is done naturally by a plant’s green leaves.
  • Health – A vegetative roof promotes wellness and aesthetics, especially if is visible and/or accessible to occupants and visitors. It can contribute to productivity and general health according to researchers.
  • Energy – The integration of plants to a roof provides a buffer between the outdoor and indoor temperatures by reducing the fluctuation of temperatures. It could also reduce a building’s energy consumption for both heating and cooling requirements.
  • Service Life – If such a green system is properly installed, it can actually increase the service life of roofing material by protecting it from the sun’s radiation. The greenery also protects the membrane from thermal-shock stresses, further prolonging its service life.
  • Storm Water – It offers better control over storm water. The system is good for such water control since the soil and plants reduce the overall run-off volume and reduce drainage requirements.


Some of the major drawbacks of vegetative roofs should also be considered as follows.

  • Repair – A repair expert will have a difficult time repairing any leaks that may occur because the top plant layer must be removed first in order to facilitate the repair. In comparison to other systems, this can be quite challenging as the leak may be even more difficult to locate.
  • Maintenance – Besides occasional repairs and maintenance, a green roof system requires periodic landscaping to preserve its beauty and remove weeds. New personnel may need to be hired who are responsible for maintaining this green roof or it will simply add more responsibilities to a company’s grounds keepers.
  • Costs – Compared to a conventional roof, a vegetative system can cost twice as much as a normal system regardless of the method by which it is installed.
  • Insects and Wildlife – Birds, and other wildlife that may inhabit the area will certainly be attracted to this area. This may require additional protection in order to prevent such creatures from living on the roof.

Once both sides of the vegetative roof coin are clearly understood, it is the responsibility of an owner to decide if this system is the right choice. The help of a knowledgeable roofing contractor to discuss all options about this unusual building covering would be very beneficial so the best decision can be made about going green!

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