Save Energy Bills with Solar Shingles!

Houston_RooferMany people are looking for ways to improve the use of energy in homes. The sales of various products that promise to improve the use of energy in a residence are on the rise and more products are pouring into the market that promises the same resolution. According to the professionals, one product is taking the small steps of energy efficiency to a greater length: solar shingles are the latest offering to promise better energy efficiency.

What are Solar Shingles?

Before solar shingles, in order to harness the power of the sun to generate electricity required the purchasing of expensive solar panels that had to be mounted on top of roofs. Today, achieving this same feat is as easy as installing new shingles.

This new roofing material is similar to a miniaturized version of solar panels. They usually come in 12 by 86 inch panels. Each panel is imbedded with photovoltaic cells in a compact form in order to condense them into a small area. Unlike conventional panels which are cumbersome, solar shingles look like and are as easy to install as their ordinary counterparts. Installation is simply a matter of nailing each panel into place or stapling them directly to the underlayment. The benefits of this material can be enjoyed by providing an alternative source of electricity without being too obvious in its appearance.


  • Energy Saving – The biggest benefit of installing this roofing material is the huge reduction of overall energy consumption. By capturing sunlight during the daylight hours, each individual shingle generates minute amounts of electricity. When combined together and stored inside a battery, it is sufficient enough to reduce the consumption of an average home’s electricity by as much as sixty percent.
  • Aesthetics – While the main purpose for this shingle is centered on energy savings, the unique gloss and finish of the individual panels adds an attractive look to the house which is certainly a desirable achievement.
  • Affordability – Compared to early panels, these modern versions are: mass produced; do not require cumbersome framing and lamination; and use inexpensive materials such as crystalline silicone to make them more affordable.
  • Easy Installation – The best thing about solar shingles is that they are very easy to install. Unlike traditional panels that require installation by a specialized technician, this material can be attached by any roofer. The only requirement for using this new type of roofing is adequate sunlight, which is no problem in most areas.
  • Tax Incentives – Installing an alternative energy source qualifies for federal and sometimes even state tax incentives which can help to offset the costs. Once the installation is completed, the cost of this shingle is typically recovered in about ten years.


This new roofing material is maintenance free once installed, although it will require occasional cleaning to remove dust build up on the panels to ensure maximum light exposure. As long as there is a steady source of sunlight, free electricity can be enjoyed throughout the life of the solar shingles.

Solar shingles expand the horizon of roofing material. They do not just provide aesthetics but are also capable of generating considerable amounts of electricity. A significant amount of money can be saved with the installation of solar shingles!

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