Using the Sun to Cool your Home

It is very common to see ventilation systems on roofs in the Brazos Valley. Most homeowners are familiar and used to the attic fans or vents commonly seen on many shingle roofs. These ventilation systems require a bit of power consumption in order to turn the rotating blades fast enough to circulate the warm air out of the home. Now homeowners can reduce power consumption and use solar energy to cool their homes.

Attic Breeze System

How Solar Powered Ventilation Systems Work

The solar-powered system collects the sun’s rays and converts the collected energy into usable electricity. The collection is done by a small photovoltaic panel that is fixed in a position with maximal sun exposure. Once photons hit the panel, a chemical reaction sends electrons into the system, which is the functional part of the electric ventilation system.

Roofing companies in Bryan, TX, and across the Brazos Valley have seen additional cooling benefits over the traditional roof ventilation fans and systems because the solar-powered systems are designed to enhance cooling efforts or your HVAC system. The cooling system itself does not contribute to the energy and heat build-up in the home because its energy source is exterior to the home. This allows the system to remove warm air ahead of the HVAC system performing the bulk of the work.

bryan roofing contractor cools home with atticbreeze

Parts of the Systems

• 5 bladed aluminum fan
• Aluminum structure with stainless steel brackets and attachments
• Solar Panel made with strengthened and enhanced glass
• 10-year warranty

Why are Solar Ventilation Systems Better?

If hot air is not allowed to leave the home easily, then it puts a greater load and strain on an air conditioning unit. This can have adverse effects on the air quality, temperature, humidity, and longevity of materials inside the home. Many homes in the Brazos Valley suffer from one or two rooms being warmer than the rest of the house, especially during the summer. While this may be due to faulty insulation, the culprit is often faulty ventilation. Installing a solar-powered system would help circulate airflow throughout the home, even though one side may get the brunt of the sun’s strength. This allows more cool air to flow into hot areas of the home.

AtticBreeze System - Solar-powered Venitillation System

Additionally, these systems help control humidity to prevent mold and mildew from accumulating, even in the winter. Your car’s defrosting system works exactly the same way. Even though you have the heat on, the AC compressor is still active because it is trying to “dry” the air or remove humidity to keep the car and inside materials in good condition. This principle makes it a year-round application.

Endurance and Longevity

Bryan roofers already know that these solar systems lost long, but they are specifically designed to withstand strong winds, tornadoes, and hurricanes. And because of that, it is much less likely that you’ll need a roofing contractor to perform repair work. Additionally, the entire system carries a 10-year warranty to cover any possible deficiencies.

Only genuine systems are certified and tested for the Brazos Valley. These solar power systems meet all of the municipal building code of Bryan, TX, and may even qualify for tax incentives, depending on your project and installation.