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Watch Out for Lead in Your Roof!

One type of heavy metal that has a very toxic effect on the human body is lead. Unfortunately, productsRoof_Company_Houston containing this toxic substance are found in many everyday items such as batteries, water pipes, and engine fuel. According to roofing contractors, one product that is a serious health risk due to its high lead content is paint, especially the type used on roofs.

Exposure Potential

Before the ill effects of lead on the human body were discovered, this particular metal was a main ingredient in almost every type of paint as it gave it a vibrant hue. Today, the majority of manufacturers have eliminated this metal from their standard formula; however, some of the older version used in the past may still remain on the structure, posing a risk to individuals. As paint ages, it tends to turn brittle and chip off. These small particles can be ingested if mixed with food or inhaled if it gets into the air. Small children are the most prone to the ingestion of lead, as they are the ones most likely to put things into their mouths.

Health Risks

Ingesting lead can trigger a myriad of health problems. The reason this metal is so dangerous is because it can affect a very important part of the body, the central nervous system. Once this metal is absorbed by the body and reaches a critical level, it can result in serious acute and chronic complications such as insomnia, hallucinations, tremors, and cognitive deficits.

The effects of lead are more of a concern with pregnant women and children than it is with other adults. Pregnant women suffering from toxicity are likely to encounter premature births or give birth to babies suffering from a low birth weight. In children, its acute effects range from simple weight loss, vomiting, and abdominal pain to cases where children suffer from learning disabilities and even mental retardation.

Safety Recommendations

The best way to prevent lead contamination is to stop using paint that contains this metal. There are many roofing paints today that do not contain this harmful ingredient. When installing a new roof or rebuilding an old one, ensure that the roofing company knows that the paint should not contain any lead. Old roofs that were painted with lead-based paint should be carefully removed to prevent the coating from chipping off. Applying another coat of paint over the old layer should be avoided as a remedy as the old paint could still bleed through the new paint and continue to pose a health hazard.

Workers should wear mask, goggles, and other protective clothing to prevent the inhalation or ingestion of this hazardous material when working with it. Any residue should be removed using a vacuum to prevent spreading of the material. Individuals who show symptoms of lead poisoning should be referred to a health care professional immediately for full assessment and treatment. This toxic metal does not just come from paint but is in other household items as well. Before buying any tool or piece of household equipment, check the composition of the material for any hazardous elements.

According to experts, lead is a very dangerous element and the toxicity in this metal could prompt serious health problems, so direct exposure should be avoided. Most importantly, watch out for lead in the roof!

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