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Fair Market Value

metal shingle roof by a Bryan roofer

What is fair market value and how does it relate to the customer?

Fair market value for a roof is the concept of price in relation to value.  That means that the lowest possible prices does not equate to the best value for your dollar.  Under this business model both the customer (homeowner or property manager) and the business grow together.  Oddly enough this is the general concept of what most Bryan, TX residents are accustomed, but it’s often very helpful to see fair market value from all points of view.

The Customer and Their Job

While our customers are working their jobs they expect to be paid a fair market value for the position they seek.  That value is determined by their education and experience levels.  It would be unfair to pay an extremely educated and experienced individual below market value or as cheaply as possible.

Bryan Roofers are Customers Too

bryan roofer working

Just like homeowners and their jobs, Bryan roofers working at professional roofing companies still need to be paid a fair market value based on their education and experience because they are customers in the local community.  A professional roofer in Bryan will also have continuing education that ensures quality installation work.  That same education is what gets your roof done right the first time; it’s not just hype and high prices.

Providing Exceptional Service

If a company wishes to provide their customers with exceptional service and value, it does require money to do that.  However, by paying fair market value, and not overpaying or underpaying, you help ensure that that local company stays in business, should you ever need a repair or warranty work covered.  It is a win-win for both the homeowner and the professional roofing company.

Local companies are the engines of the local economy.  Professional roofers give back to the community in scholarships, community event sponsorships, and donation of time and materials to great organizations like Habitat for Humanity.  That in turn means that not only is the fair market value of your roof ensuring your own future coverage, it circulates money back into the local economy.  Local roofers in Bryan, TX are also local residents with an investment in the same community.

bryan roofer explains fair market value

Less experienced and cheap roofing companies in the Brazos Valley will cut corners on workmanship and void warranties without the homeowners approval or notice.  One clear example is using Mill plywood instead of certified plywood.  This a cheap trick to lower the overall price in an effort to win the project.  This also ensures that the roofer will never have to honor the warranty work because it will not be covered by the manufacturers.  This leaves the homeowner or property manager out of pocket.

The Most Common Roofing Problems

In the past 20 years or roofing, two main causes of roof issues are still the same and will probably remain the same; (1) nearly all roof issues are directly related to workmanship (or lack of education to do it properly) and (2) the original installer or problem causer is no longer around because he went out of business.

Staying in business for roofing contractors is tough and requires a professional company dedicated enough to weather economic storms and to still honor warranties even though no additional revenue is generated.  What you pay for your roof brings more in the form of education, experience and longevity of your roof; a priceless value.

bryan roofer completes a metal roof

Schulte Roofing is a Bryan roofer with over 100 years of combined roofing experience.  Serving the Bryan-College Station and surrounding communities for almost 20 years, Schulte Roofing has been providing the best value and the results have been shown in 5 consecutive award winning years as Best Roofing Company (Navasota Examiner), Best Roofing Contractor (Best of the Brazos), and #1 Roofer in the Brazos Valley (Reader’s Choice Award).  Schulte Roofing is also “Home of the Bulletproof Roof®”, 100% satisfaction or it’s free!