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College Station’s Newest Supply of Roofing Tiles

spanish red tile by santafe installed in college station

Several factors come into play when looking for materials to use for roofing. These of course include the cost, environmental effects of such materials and also the economic impacts. Finding the best combination of features for a given roofing material is a tough call and therefore it is unsurprising that many people spend quite a lot of time on it but may still end up settling on substandard materials. Do you happen to be in the same predicament? Do you want to get the highest quality roofing material that gives you value for your money? Then you need to look no further because Santafe, a leading clay tile manufacturer, is now close to you to offer the best solutions.

At Santafe, you can find a wide range of roofing tiles that are eco-friendly, and which contain different profiles to give homeowners various design possibilities. The even better news that College Station homeowners ought to take advantage of is the fact that roofing materials from Santafe are now available in various color shades that you can choose from. These great shades include peach, terra nova, red, coffee, oak, pewter, rustic smoke, savannah, cocoa and coffee. By installing these beautiful clay works, a homeowner can get elegance and uniqueness as well as the value for money.

patina tiles by santafe in college station

One of the main things that pushed Santafe to succeed is desire to achieve stardom and consistent year-after-year growth. Since inception in the Colombian capital, Bogota, the company has remained steadfast in offering high quality products to its customers, something that has seen it continue to rise. In order to make sure that only top products reach the market, these clay products are examined thoroughly so as to ensure that not one flaw remains. These tiles are referred to as the best in the market because they are eco-friendly and at the same time very energy efficient.

Types of Turn-key Tiles

These tiles are made by using natural raw products. Only experienced and seasoned artisans are allowed to do the molding and also processing of these high quality tiles. In addition, latest technological knowledge is required to ensure high-caliber products.

Spanish Clay Tile
santafe tiles in college station roofing

Their dimensions are 18X11X3 (in inches). These are specially designed so that they can let water and other falling particles to smoothly flow to the gutters. Their interlocking edges make them completely waterproof.

Flat Tiles
These have dimensions of 15X11X0.53 and they are not only smooth but also classy and elegant. Their feature of interlocking edges makes them very easy to install.

Mission Barrel Tiles
With these tiles, the measurements are 18X8X3 and are the kind of tiles that are handmade with dome shape that make them quite stunning in look. Although the tiles may appear simple, they can be great when the roofing is complete.

Royal Tiles
Measuring 18X11X2, these tiles are made in such a way that they are able to incorporate both the elegance that comes with a flat tile and flexibility that a mission barrel gives. Their smooth and sharp edges gives them the ability to acquire a distinct interlocking pattern which sets them apart when they are used with other tiles of a similar design on the same roof.


Depending on the type of a particular tile, there are lots of different techniques that could be used to install these tiles. To enable Spanish tiles to perform at their best in College Station roofing, it is necessary to provide an allowance of 10 inches between 2 neighboring peaks. This type of tile requires to be given a 3-inch head lap as well as overhanging allowance not more than 2 inches.

santafe tiles installed on a college station roof

When it comes to mission barrel tiles, they would be installed using two peaks; one faces upwards and the other one downwards. The main reason this is done is so as to provide an allowance of 12 inches from one peak to the next. A head lap measuring three inches and an overhanging measuring 2 inches need also be included.

The easiest types of tiles to install are the royal tiles. The reason for this is that, provided a 3-inch head lap allowance plus a 2-unch overhanging allowance is left, they are very easy to form interlocking patterns with each other. When installing flat tiles, all one would require is to lay them on the screen after which they are then stapled on the rafters of the roof. All the tiles have a warranty of 50 years.

Schulte Roofing is a College Station roofer with over 100 years of combined roofing experience.  Schulte Roofing has been providing the Brazos Valley and surrounding areas with natural clay tile roofing for almost 20 years.  For more information about Santafe Tiles, contact Schulte Roofing today.