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Roofing Services – When The Deal Is Too Good Think Twice

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According to a 2010 poll by Angies List, one in three people who had roofing work done say they had a problem with their contractor or developed an issue down the line. Of those who gave a detailed answer to this poll, 68% mentioned shoddy work as a key problem. Others cited trouble with incompetent contractors who liked license or took their money and ran.

The Texas Department of Insurance has been very vocal in warning all roofing clients about roofing contractors who were intentionally wrecking roofs to mimic storm damage to convince unsuspecting homeowners they needed repairs. Later, some of these roofers hire salesmen who go door to door marketing “cheap roofing services”. Many are the homeowners who have lost cool sums of money in such ad-hoc deals.

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When Julie Adams bought her dream home, she knew a new roof was among the many needed repairs. She hired a local company to do the entire project which included rebuilding and repairing the whole roof. She says “When they started the job, they seemed to be showing up and doing the work. But things went down south after she noticed the roof trusses were not lining up.” Adams says the roofer became very angry when she questioned the quality of the roofing work. She lost some cool $48000 and now their home needs repairs and is uninhabitable.

Julie Adams story is shared by many a homeowner in College Station. Fortunately, there is a way you can avoid falling to the trap of incompetent homeowners.

When the deal is too good think twice.

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A College Station roofing company that boasts the latest tools and best experience will probably not be the cheapest guy. Simply put, value should always supersede price. The fact that they charged you reasonable prices insures they will stay in business for many more years to come and be there to answer your queries should you ever require them to do so. Note that companies that charge too cheap for services are often forced to make a couple of compromises to realize profit from their job.

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Cases of roofers operating from the back of their truck are not uncommon in this part of the world. Complaints have been there that some roofers actually compromise on the quality of roofing materials in a bid to offer the so called “best prices” in the market. You really can’t afford to compromise on the quality of your home’s first line of defense against natural calamities which is pretty much why you should insist on working with a roofer who charges a “fair value rate” for their services. And there are many benefits to doing that.

1.It means that your favorite roofer will survive for long in the market and therefore will be available to serve you for many years to come.

2.You are sure that the contractor will use the right (high quality) materials for your roof. In short, you get the job done, once and for all and you save much more in the long-run. Your family stays safe and your home remains warm and habitable for centuries to come.

3.Any company that can command their fair market value definitely has good customer service. You are sure that somebody will listen to you in the event that you have some queries you want answered. You’ll not have to face what Julie Adams faced when she confronted her roofer over the quality of the roofing materials he was using for her project. In other words, a company that charges fair prices is sure to make adjustments to accommodate your unique needs. This is highly unlikely with “cheap” roofers.

4.You want to be protected from losses that may arise in the course of the contract. For this reason, you need to find a roofer who has adequate insurance cover. Talk of greater peace of mind.

5.A fair value roofer (such as Bryan Roofer) is called so because he takes his time to plan his prices by ensuring all primary factors are taken into account. You may pay more for professionalism and expertise but the long term benefits it brings are priceless.

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To sum it up, while most College Station roofing companies are legitimate and do exemplary work, others take a weekend-warrior approach. They offer “quick service” for “cheap prices” and the result – a growing number of complaints about shoddy work. The writing is on the wall; insist on paying a fair value price for all your roofing needs.