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Why We Think Current Customers are More Important than New Opportunities

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Only the most reliable, honest and customer oriented roofing company can survive in the competitive Brazos Valley market for a whopping eighteen years like Schulte Roofing Company has. Over the years, our philosophy of “Putting the customer first” has seen us scale the heights of this blossoming industry. We pride ourselves in providing our beloved customers with a quality service. We treat all our customers equally irrespective of whether they are new or old. Over the (nearly) two decades we’ve been in operation we have seen hundreds if not thousands of homeowners around this great region get descent shelter and level up their quality of life.

Why We Think That Current Customers are More Important than New Opportunities

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Schulte belongs to a slightly different school of thought than your other Conroe roofing contractor. For starters, instead of chasing after more profits, we spend the bulk of our time thinking about how we can serve our existing customers better. We don’t spend abnormally huge amounts attempting to woo new clients to our fold; instead we focus on serving those who are already within our network to the best of our capabilities. This is how we manage to keep our service rates at very competitive levels. Very simple – we leave our track record to market us (free of charge) and we pass down the savings to our loyal clients.

The moment you join our world marks the start of a long but fruitful journey. Our well-trained members of staff go above and beyond the call of duty to leave you satisfied – 100% customer satisfaction. Every time you’re in need of our services or when you have a pressing query you want answered, you’re sure to access our FREE consultation services round the clock. Indeed we never tire of catering to your needs. Our premises are open 24/7 so you can pay us a visit anytime you’re free.

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Trust is a big thing at our organization, and it is pretty clear that it is working for us. After all, we are the oldest and ever-fastest growing Conroe roof company with offices in Brazos Valley. How do we gain trust from our customers.

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1. We are never too busy chasing after new business to return your phone calls almost right away.
2. We always strive to offer 100% customer satisfaction.
3. We are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Indeed all our services are synonymous with A+ quality. Ask any of our current customers and they’ll tell you that they get the personal time and attention they deserve all the time.  Join our world.