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Keeping New Year Roofing Resolutions

New Years 2013

We witnessed some pretty interesting events this past year of 2012. We saw Obama and Romney go head to head in the presidential election, we saw Johnny Manziel “Johnny Football” from Texas A&M win the Heisman Trophy, we found out that the Mayan Calendar just repeats itself and did not mean the end of the world, and finally we saw Hurricane Sandy wreak havoc from Florida through New England. So, say goodbye to 2012 and welcome the new year of 2013 by making and meeting resolutions with your roofing maintenance, repair, or purchase.

New Year Resolutions

There’s nothing like celebrating the New Year by making 2013 New Year resolutions.  A new year is what you make of it, and like many Americans, it is too easy to fall off the wagon and not meet your goals. So how do we make sure we stick to losing that weight, staying on the diet, finding that new job, or saving on energy costs? Regular Roof Maintenance is an important habit that most Americans tend to forget about, and this can save on energy costs. In order to get on the right track with your roof maintenance or repair you have to create habits, so here’s how to stick to your resolution:

  • Step 1: Create a roofing plan

Putting your goal down on paper and writing dates and results of your roof inspection is important. How much money are you trying to save on energy? Write down your goal. It is more likely you’ll reach your goal if you have a plan.

  • Step 2: Replace bad habits

Take notice what order you do things in on a daily or weekly basis. Replace bad habits with habits that are helping you reach your goal. Be aware of punctures you make when adding satellite dishes, repairing shingles, and be careful every time you get on your roof.

  • Step 3: Check your progress

Keep a chart, a list, a graph, something- anything! Keep up with your dates and roof inspection log for your College Station Roofer. Track how much money you are saving on energy after making roof repairs. This will help monitor how effective your plan is, and help you re-organize as needed.

  • Step 4: Talk to roofing experts

If you are talking to others about your goal or progress, it creates a sense of community and responsibility to achieve the goal. Check out the other Education Articles at Schulte Roofing’s website, on NRCA or contact a roofer at Schulte Roofing.

  • Step 5: Create rewards

Create a reward (a positive or constructive one) to accompany your new habit. This helps motivate you when you are feeling bored or tired of the same routine. Set aside time to take your family to a movie, to dinner, or make a night of playing board games with them. Look at your finances and measure the benefit you are getting from purchasing a new roof, repairing, or maintaining your roof.

It’s an exciting new year, but there’s no reason to delay a proper roof inspection. There are only a few quality professional roofing companies that will give a quality inspection of your roof and give you an honest assessment. Take advantage of this kind of service from a professional College Station Roofing Company like Schulte Roofing.