Ice and Snow Weigh Down College Station Roofing

Through the winter months, even though it may not necessarily feel like it, there is plenty of moisture in the air.  The moisture in the air and on the surface of the roof actually piles up in layers, much like that of an iceberg.  As the moisture continues to accumulate, the water undergoes a fundamental state change.  With that change comes an increase in the weight of the moisture that has gathered on the roof, assuming barometric pressure and temperature changes.  And, despite what most people think, water is actually very heavy.  One gallon weighs approximately 8.34 lbs.

How Much Could it Possibly Weigh?

This is a great question and a great starting point for our article today.  In the video embedded below, you will see just how heavy ice and snow can get, even on a College Station roof.  After a heavy storm during the winter, thousands of pounds can accumulate on your roof.  In the video below, you will see a dramatic first hand capture of a roof collapse, due to ice and snow, at a hockey rink.  For a frame of reference, a couple of feet of snow alone could add around of 40lbs of additional weight per square foot.  One square foot of snow weighs around 5 lbs. and with wet snow (recent precipitation) you could see around 19 lbs.

So How Does this Affect College Station Roofing?

Another great question; well to be honest in our part of Texas we do not see that much snow in general.  However, what Texas is notorious for, and our drivers will tell you, is ice.  Ice build-up is extremely gradual, sometimes a real creeping problem.  In College Station especially, we see the ice partially melt, refreeze and add additional layers of ice over-night.  As ice forms on your roof, natural ice dams are formed.  Ice dams prevent water from flowing in its normal direction; off of your roof or into the gutters.  As this water is trapped, it freezes and expands the weak spot of your roof.  That expansion allows even more water to enter the roof and only exacerbates the entire issue.

What Can I Do to Prevent a Roof Collapse?

As with everything we preach about College Station roofing, we believe that proper maintenance is all that it takes in the Brazos Valley and surrounding areas.  If your roof goes through a particularly nasty storm during the winter, it is best to do a visual inspection.  An unnoticed leak in the roof could allow water to freeze and cause further expansion in the weak point in the roof.  That expansion allows additional water to enter the roof and exacerbates the entire issue.  If you are unable to get on your roof or do not feel comfortable doing so, Schulte Roofing recommends that you call your College Station roofing company with a maintenance program like the Overhead Care Club to handle everything for you.

That’s Great Info, but Where’s the Video?

Right here!  No one was hurt in the making of this video, by the way.