Solar Shingles – Curb Appeal and Energy Efficiency

It has been a very scientific practice that people always try to reduce the interior temperature of a house by painting the roof surface in white color. Black color is said to be an absorbent of sun’s heated rays while white color is said to repel the sun’s rays. All the dark colors are usually not used for tiling or painting the roofs because they tend to heat up the interior home temperature. This increase in home temperature would lead to the wastage of electricity in summers because of increased air conditioner bills. That is why people have to compromise on the aesthetic appeal by using white tiles on their roofs even if they crave for colorful roofing. That’s where your College Station roofing company, using Solaris Shingles, steps in.

Solaris Shingles is a scientific innovation that seems to break the norms of regular physics facts. Solaris Shingles is a complete range of roofing system that provides you the opportunity to decorate and design your homes’ outer appearance the way you want to. The wide range of product line from Solaris Shingles offers colored roofing solutions for residential as well as non residential properties. No matter what type of roof you have, Solaris Shingles would cater to all tiling design requirements. That means you could make your slanted or low slope roofs completely energy efficient.


The Solaris Shingles tiles can be used on any roof shapes and sizes. Also, the material used in the construction of these roof shingles is of various types like asphalt or metallic. You could choose various colors in these Solaris Shingles too. These roof tiles are available in beautiful colors like red, golden, silver, grey etc. Also, you don’t have to be worried about the energy efficiency associated with different colors while choosing any one of them. That’s because all the roof products have the safe quality of energy efficiency irrespective of their construction material or color.

This has been made possible only due to the scientific preparation of these Solaris Shingles which perfectly ape the reflectance and insulation mechanism of white colored roofs. These Solaris Shingles have the excellent capability to reduce the interior room temperature by 20% during the hot months. This 20% reduction of house temperature can go a long way in making your home highly energy efficient. Your home would require less expenditure of electricity in order to be cooled. You would be able to save a lot of dollars from your annual electricity charges. Not only this, by using Solaris Shingles you would also qualify for the government rebates like LEED etc because of the high energy efficiency of your home.

The thermal emission capability of these Solaris Shingles is very high which means that these tiles would emit out a large chunk of solar heat that would be absorbed by it. Also, these roof tiles have been made with advanced materials which act as good insulator because of the molecular light reflection efficiency. Both these qualities make all the colored tiles of Solaris Shingle’s very insulation supportive. Special materials that have been used for constructing Solaris Shingles are capable of absorbing high thermal shocks without expanding. Due to this, the outer temperature and sun’s rays don’t affect the inner room temperature too much.

solaris shingles by a college station roofing company

It is really very blissful to be able to enjoy the visual sight of roofs that have been covered with tiles having colorful granules. The luster and shine of these Shingles never fade. Also, the colors of these roofing tiles remain permanently beautiful even after years of installation of these Solaris Shingles. The usage of laminated type fiber made glass brilliantly intensifies the solar insulation capabilities of this roofing system. You could be assured of the durability of these Solaris roof Shingles because the company provides a complete 10-year long warranty for its products. The color of the roof tiles would remain intact for more than 15 years as guaranteed by Solaris Shingles.

Solaris Shingles is accredited by the widely accepted `Energy Star’ and CRCC. This Energy Star rating proves the efficiency and quality of Solaris Shingles. Solaris Shingles has done a wonderful job in the creation of such colorful yet energy-efficient tiles which work on the molecular level for the reflection of the sun’s rays. These roofing products have been tried by many satisfied customers until now. Another commendable part of this scientific roofing system is the affordability factor associated with it. You could easily get 1005 roof coverage for standard roof sizes in very cheap and affordable prices.  Contact Schulte Roofing to demo the shingles in person through a special 1 on 1 session with a certified roofing specialist.