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Integrity Is Schulte Roofing Inc.’s Lifeline

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Most people think that a new roof is nothing more than just nailing up some shingles. Schulte Roofing Inc. knows better – that’s why they’ve taken the trouble to invest in a three-tier integrity assurance working model that guarantees 100% satisfaction to each and every person who seeks our services. You can take our word for it when we say that we’re the most reputed and respected College Station roofer. Here’s a break-down of our integrity principle.

No rush, until you’re satisfied

Unlike other roofing companies that will rush to finish your project just to rake in more revenue; Schulte Roofing Inc. plays its cards a slightly differently. We don’t leave the site until we’re sure you’re satisfied with the final look of the project. In other words, there’s no parting with a single cent until your expectations are fully met. Now that’s the level of assurance you can only expect to get from a BBB A+ rated company such as Schulte Roofing.

Our Three – tier quality assurance model

We treat all our projects, big or small, with maximum care. Each project is taken through three separate quality assurance checks. The first phase of QA checks is done by our very-able supervisors who examine the roof at every stage of construction. Afterwards, another team is summoned to ensure overall satisfaction and quality work. The third and most important group of checks is done in team meetings where our top brass (including the president himself) analyzes and criticizes the project to ensure (a) the project meets the customer’s unique needs (b) the roof adheres to the local building code (c) the roof is built in accordance with the latest technology in this industry. That completes a 3-step process which equals a cycle of 100 years of roofing experience.

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We give credit where it’s due

For the past 20 years we’ve been in this industry one thing has made us a tad different from our competition – our easy, stress-free way of doing things. We handle one project at a time. In fact, one of our core policies is we don’t pay our workers on an hourly basis as this would pressure them to rush the job just to earn more cash. Instead, we pay them a decent salary which is often topped up with incentives to appreciate exemplary performance. This ensures that every member of our team is happy and comfortable with what they do. It also creates an environment of competition where everyone strives to deliver their very best in their respective task(s).

We lead, others follow

Schulte Roofing is a real trailblazer and has achieved recognition at a national level for its innovation. One of our very own creations – The Bulletproof Roof Concept – has earned us glorious reputation far and wide. We launched this trendsetting policy back in 2008 with one goal in mind – to protect our beloved customers against the misery of loopholes in roofing warranties and guarantees. Five years down the line and the concept has proved to be the best thing to ever happen to roofers in this region. It’s no wonder we featured in the list of Top 100 Roofers in America (By the Roofing Contractor Magazine issue of 2011).

We’ve got your welfare covered

Our commitment to a clean, healthy and neat environment is second to none. In fact you can easily tell our on-going roofing projects from those of our contractors. How? We do a clean job always. You’ll never find scrap material or dirt piled up in or around any one of our sites. Our technicians are taken through thorough training on topic such as work-place safety and environmental conservation. You can be sure that by the time they embark on the project they understand crystal clear how to handle every type of debris; professionally.

Our keen eye for detail and unmatched care in each roofing contract that comes our way has earned us many credentials and awards. We have obtained the Technical Seal of Safety ® meaning that we’re not only excellent contractors but also people of admirable qualities and morals. We’re the best College Station Roofer and you can count on us to leave a wow factor in your upcoming roofing project, that’s for sure!

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Final word

Feel free to visit our offices anytime during business hours from Monday to Friday. We’re routinely all over College Station during weekends and public holidays to serve you better.