The Bulletproof Roof Guarantee® Explained

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A roof warranty is only as good as the Houston roofing contractor that stands behind it. Schulte has a unique warranty concept known as BulletProof Roof Guarantee® (BPR). A leading College station roofing contractor, Schulte Roofing has since the early nineties remained honest and truthful to its customers. The BulletProof Roof Guarantee® deal is just one of the innovative concepts from our hardworking R&D team. We launched it back in 2008 to help us actualize our “100% customer satisfaction” goal.

Why Bullet Proof Guarantee?

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A warranty is a pretty powerful contract between you and your roofing company (or the manufacturer of your roofing materials) it binds the contractor or manufacturer to pay replacement costs should something go wrong with your roof over a stated period of time. However, every warranty is a little different.

Jeff Johnson from Houston reckons how he hired a certain contractor to repair leaks which involved replacing several skylights and his roof. The company offered a ten year warranty and assured him he’d have no problems after the job was done. A couple of months later, he experienced more leaks which prompted him to re-summon the contractor. “This time he made some minor changes, which proved not to help” says John. Apparently, the roofer promised that he would come back if the leaking persisted but since then his phone lines are off and he is unreachable.

John’s case is just one of the many warranty-gone-wrong complaints out there. At Schulte Roofing we refer to such cases as holes. The Bullet Proof Guarantee® was designed and launched to prevent such holes in our contracts. We simply want to avoid a situation where we are not able to honor our part of the contract for any reason(s) whatsoever. Bullet Proof Guarantee® is based on three fool-proof pillars.


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We ensure that all components of your roof are gotten from the same manufacturer. This prevents a scenario where a manufacturer could deny a future claim. Next, we employ our many years of skills to build the perfect roof. Then each job is inspected by our seasoned quality control experts and presented to you for final approval.

Certified Installation

Manufacturers have very specific guidelines about how they want their roofing materials applied. If installation fails to adopt these guidelines, a warranty may be void before your roof is even fully installed. Under Bullet Proof Guarantee® the roof is specially installed by manufacturer-trained installers. Besides that, all our installers attend frequent education courses to catch up with the latest trends and regulations in the market.

Backed Up

All our warranties are provided to you in writing. Plus you get a once in lifetime chance to join our Roof Shield Maintenance Program for exclusive services such as:

-10% discount fee on repairs
-Up to 100 square ft of debris removal annually
-17 point examination and attic analysis
-Up to 150 ft gutter cleaning annually
-Slashed diagnostic fee for repair analysis
-GUARANTEED priority services in case of repairs or storms
-$500 leak guarantee


What’s more? We don’t take part in blame games. Should the manufacturer refuse to honor their warranty, we’ll take it upon ourselves to help you out at absolutely no charge for a period of 25 years. That’s BulletProof Guarantee® simplified!