Storm Damage

The Many Benefits of Impact Resistant Shingles!

10Impact resistant shingles are especially designed to protect buildings from damage caused by hail and similar weather conditions. These icy projectiles can completely demolish structures and have been known to go through roofs, knocking off tiles and exposing wiring to oncoming rainwater. A professional builder can help protect a home by installing protective materials to prevent damage to a roof due to such damaging storms.

Hail Damage

Residents of Texas are greatly concerned about the implications of adverse weather conditions, as the state averages 500 hail storms a year, with certain areas having six or more strikes annually. Structures in these areas can suffer the same damage repeatedly, filing repeated insurance claims for repairs. With an estimated forty percent of all insurance claims in Texas relating to hail damage, the risk of higher insurance prices is alarming. Luckily, state insurance authorities have mandated that insurance providers offer clients a discount when impact-resistant roofs are installed, protecting homes while saving money at the same time. The discounts increase by the degree of protection that the installed material provides.


An inherent issue with promoting impact-resistant shingles is that is unlikely to happen unless the roof has already been damaged. Since insurance only covers similar replacement material and not any upgrades, it is important to be proactive and install shingles at an appropriate time. A good solution is to incorporate this upgrade as part of a general house renovation. Local communities are also considering implementing better roofing materials when new houses are built, automatically qualifying the property for an insurance discount.


Impact resistant shingles are tested using steel balls of various sizes dropped from different heights to simulate the effects of a hail storm. More extensive tests have used high-pressure air guns to fire actual ice balls for a more realistic replication of adverse weather. These tests have led to the development of more resistant and durable material. It is somewhat expensive right now; however, it may actually decrease in price when manufactured in greater quantities in the future. The shingles are made from a variety of materials, including the immensely popular asphalt, wood, tile, and metal. Metal is particularly durable, lightweight and fire-resistant, although it is more susceptible to cosmetic damage such as bumps and scratches.

To protect homes from hail storm damage, impact-resistant roof shingles should be installed. Such a protective measure can be benefited by state-mandated insurance discounts as well as repetitive roof repair for those hail-prone areas. Impact-resistant materials range from wood to metal and have been extensively tested using a variety of methods to replicate real hail storm conditions. This ensures that the protective shingles are durable, effective and well worth the price to prevent hail damage!

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