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Next-door 2022 Neighborhood Favorite Local Business

Schulte Roofing is thrilled to share that we’ve been named a 2022 Neighborhood Favorite! The announcement came from Nextdoor, who awarded us a spot on their 6th annual Neighborhood Favorites list alongside other 2022 winners. Being recognized as a local favorite makes us incredibly happy to have served you all for this long. It means a lot to us that we can share this win with you all.

For anyone unfamiliar, Nextdoor is a website that connects communities and organizations together to build strong and vibrant neighborhoods. Their annual awards program highlights small and large local companies across the country. Through their Neighborhood Favorites awards, every community is given a chance to show their love for their favorite local business. Nominees were chosen based on the number of recommendations received.

We had a lot of competition with other great local businesses. But Schulte Roofing was able to come out on top and receive enough nominations to be named a Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite.

“I’m truly humbled and grateful for all of you who made this possible,” says Josh Schulte, president of Schulte Roofing. “We have the best customers and best team of employees!”

Everyone here at Schulte Roofing is very thankful to Nextdoor for honoring us with this award. Our team’s everyday brilliance and hard work make it possible to be a part of this list. It also makes us incredibly proud that we could be recognized for our commitment to helping our local community thrive.

And finally, another big thank you to everyone who voted for us as your favorite neighborhood local business. With your support, we’re able to bring great news like this to you again and again. We hope you will stick with us and continue to recommend us as a Neighborhood Favorite for many more years.

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