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Everyone tells you Houston roofers are the worst in terms of keeping the site clean, and cleaning up afterwards. But Schulte Roofing belongs to a class of its own. We clean it all; from the big stuff to the tiny ones. Besides that we employ out of the box measures to prevent damage to siding, windows, gutters, cars, people, animals and flowers. You don’t have to worry simply because two or three shingles have fallen off the roof while the job is ongoing. Stuff does fly out even with the utmost care taken. But in the end, you can be sure we’ll clean it up.

Discover Why Site Cleanliness is our Top Priority

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Whether it is a residential or commercial project, a shingle, metal, tile or a large or small job, our Schulte’s cleanliness policy emphasizes multifaceted pre and post construction cleanliness measures to protect your roof as well as your environment. Clean up begins earnestly at project initiation and continues through to completion. We pay special attention to errant nails and metal waste.

Our technicians utilize both hand-held and rolling magnets to extract metallic debris from around shrubs, bushes, flowerbeds and lawns. We are especially sensitive to homes with kids and pets. Some Houston roofing contractors are very hands-off and will wait until the end of the job to carry out a haphazard clean up exercise. Others will even leave the site without even giving to a second thought to the hazard they leave behind as debris.   Environmental health and safety is a top priority in our day to day operations. A visit to our premises or construction sites will prove this.

We go the extra mile

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We have all the equipment necessary to remove and properly dispose all the mess that comes from the construction site. We are stringent followers of the local environmental laws thus. Debris is either recycled or disposed safely to avoid creating a hazard to other people. A trained Schulte technician will be happy to move around your premises to collect tiny objects that may pose danger to your well being after we leave. Aside from that we have specialty tools which we use to locate even the most conspicuous pieces of waste or fall-off objects.

We use starter strips around the entire roof to reduce the risk of shingle blow off by 30%. Additionally, we have a highly efficient roofing buggy that collects debris to protect your garden, bushes and lawn and helps us maintain a clean work site. Without the such an innovative tool, most times the debris has to be thrown to the ground and then manually picked up to be put into a disposal container. This not only helps us keep your environment clean but also saves us a lot of time which we then use to give you better services.

Final word

A quality Houston roof installed by Schulte Roofing adds value and beauty to your home and can do much more than just keep your house dry. Entrusting us with your roofing projects brings you peace of mind and assures you that your compound will remain clean and safe long after we leave.