5 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know Your Could Do With A Flat Roof

We’ve all heard the truths: Bigger is better. Quantity is king. The more the merrier. And in our ever-populating world, it’s becoming harder and harder to carve out an adequate amount of space that is all ours. We need to be resourceful! And not just with furniture fengshui and organizational shelving. Many of us are forgetting that the roof over our office, restaurant or store is a valuable space we can use. It’s ours! It’s there! We paid for it! Let’s not just let it sit up there collecting pigeon poop and rain. Let’s use it! Who knew what you could do with a flat commercial roof these days? The possibilities are endless!

NUMBER 1: Slap on a slew of sweet solar panels…and reap the benefits

Solar Reference Array - College Station Roofing
Solar Reference Array on NAIT campus, Photo by NAIT

Solar panels can save you a fortune on your energy bills all while patting yourself on the back for your environmental contentiousness. You don’t have to go quite as extreme is designer Toyo Ito did in Taiwan where he designed an entire stadium littered with solar panels that provide enough energy to power the entire arena. Yup! All 3,300 lights and a pair of jumbo TV screens (in a building shaped like an awesome dragon)! Your solar panels can be on a much lesser scale, but still you’ll be reaping the benefits. It’s estimated that solar panels can cut your electricity bill in half. If you’ve got the space, it may be worth the investment!

NUMBER 2: Use that roof to collect invaluable H20

Rainwater Harvesting - College Station roofing
Rainwater Harvesting in Burkina Faso, Photo by SuSanA Secretariat

We need water. We live on water. We die without water. In certain rural areas, roof water collection is becoming more and more popular in order to have more water to use in places where it’s scarce. Rain collects on roofs and that rain water is literally dollar signs falling from the heavens. Rig up a collection area—usually a barrel you can buy or make your own, and with a little bit of filtration, you’ll have yourself some useful H20. An average sized home will collect 600 gallons of water after an hour of steady rainfall (about 1 inch of rain), so think what your commercial space is capable of collecting!

NUMBER 3: Transform that roof into a garden and live off its produce

Windjammer Delta Hotel Roof Garden - College Station Roofing
Windjammer Delta Hotel Roof Garden photo by Windjammer – Delta Hotel

Calling all restaurant owners! Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could do away with the noisy delivery trucks that bring your fresh produce each day? Not only do they create a traffic jam, but they charge an arm and a leg each time there’s a lime shortage. And what’s a restaurant without lime? What if I told youyou have a large space just above your head fully equipped to be the green garden of your dreams? Use your roof! Many have turned their rooftop spaces into lush gardens—for relaxation, for beautiful scenery, or simply to reap profits. Chef Richard Farnable at the Soho Grand Hotel transformed the hotel’s roof into a lush garden that grows vegetables and herbs used in the guests’ lavish dishes. Not only will it get patrons buzzing about your trendy and functional rooftop garden, but it’ll save you money and guarantee your produce’s absolute freshness.

NUMBER 4: Keep the party going with an outdoor, rooftop patio

Tei-An Soba House - College Station Roofing
Tei-An Soba House and Omakase, photo by Brad Murano

Nothing quite says summer like an ice cold local brew and the summer breeze on your face after a long day at work. Restaurant-goers love a patio and an evening under the stars. Unfortunately, not all of us are willing to dip into our parking lot space to create one. Why not use your roof? More chairs? More space? More bookings for special events? MONEY MONEY MONEY! If you’ve got a decent view, and a great location, there’s no reason why a rooftop bar wouldn’t be a valuable investment and the hottest new spot in town.

NUMBER 5: Combine all the above into a self-sufficient roof wonder!

The Complete Green Flat Roof - College Station Roofing
Suterbrook Village – photo by adrimcm

Why stop at just one idea for your rooftop when you can incorporate them all? Solar panels in the northwest corner, water collection in the east, tomato garden in the center and a lavish patio retreat in the back overlooking a view that will take your breath away? Sound like a plan? It’s doable! Like this self-sustaining cabin in Maine fully equipped with solar panels that save the family from a fuel-run generator and powers their lights and their water heater. Pair that with a water collection tank that provides all the water the home needs and the home is fully equipped. Inspired yet? They even have a composting toilet that turns waste into fertilizer. These are just a few Bulletproof Roof® solutions available in Bryan/College Station.