Leave the World a Little Better Than You Found It…With Your Roof!

In today’s world, robots are available on the market to vacuum your floors, mop, clean your pool and even clean your gutters. What thrills us is sitting back and relaxing as our cleaning is being done for us. And don’t we deserve a little break? Who would have thought that having a real-life Rosie Jetson would be possible 50 years after The Jetson’s graced our TV screens?

But what if I told you that there was a way to mindlessly clean your air without batteries, user guides, or shelling out the cash for the next pricey electronic robot? What if I told you that your roof could be one of those “robots”? No need to plug it in or keep track of your serial number in case there’s a problem. The sleek and stylish tile roof that could be hovering just over your head has the ability to clean the polluted air around you. No memory chips. No mother boards—just the tiles and a little titanium dioxide.

Boral Barcelona Tiles by a College Station roofer
Barcelona by Boral

We’ll be breathing better. Our children will be breathing better. Their children will be breathing better. And it’s cheap! According to University of California students conducting a study on roof tiles, a very inexpensive coating of titanium dioxide (costs about $5 to cover the tiles of a family home) breaks down nitrogen oxide into less toxic components. Nitrogen oxide plays a major role in creating smog, therefore, eliminating the nitrogen oxide can greatly improve air quality. The students found that spraying titanium dioxide on roofing tiles removed 88-97% of nitrogen oxide from the atmosphere. That’s equivalent to one roof absorbing the emissions produced from driving one car 11,000 miles.

Boral Tiles close up by a College Station roofer
Boral Tiles close up.

You heard it here first! Smog-eliminating roof tiles are becoming an extremely viable option and more than one type are currently paving the way and hitting the market. Tile Roofs may just be the next serious option for improving air quality in our cities and surrounding areas. Research shows that spraying 1 million tile roofs with titanium oxide could remove 21 tons of nitrogen oxide from the air daily. Many of us regularly commute to and from the Houston area, bringing along excess CO2 from all those driving miles. Plus, as more and more people discover the benefits of living in amazing College Station, TX, finding solutions to provide cleaner air for the next generation is very important.

Boral Celio Tiles by a College Station roofer
Boral Celio Tiles

When installed by a professional College Station roofer, our roof tiles could keep the air clean in our neighborhoods for many years to come, making quality of life even greater than it already is here! And you don’t have to do anything. This isn’t a smart house you have to charge overnight or a rooftop you need to vacuum and maintain like a swimming pool. There are no manuals, accessories, or lessons required! Just buy the tile roof, spray it with a thin coating of titanium dioxide, and sit back and relax as your roof passively removes emissions. Breathe that air deeply! Let it soak in! And all from your roof! That’s taking a Bulletproof Roof® to a whole other level.