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Which Season is Best for Roofing Work?

3Anyone facing the need to replace a roof could spend a lot of time considering how much the job will cost, and what kind of warranty is given. Yet knowing the right time of year to schedule the work is also important and in many cases, will have a direct effect on the price of the job. New roofs are most ideally installed from late summer through the fall months; however, there will be times when this is not possible.

The reason that this time of year is more preferable for roof replacement is because in most cases, the weather is the most stable. The stormy spring season has passed, the days have begun to cool down, and the weather is much more predictable which better allows for the main concern of keeping a roof dry.


Unfortunately, since this is the busiest time of year for contractors, it is difficult to find an available contractor even for repairs. In addition, roofing supply manufacturers tend to wait until just before the start of the busy season to increase prices, which requires builders to raise their prices. There are a few ways to work around both price increases and finding an experienced roofer to come and perform the work.

It is always possible to re-do a roof at a different time of the year as long as a contractor can work quickly to avoid any weather issues such as unexpected rain. Most companies would love the work at a different time of the year. Depending on the area, spring and early summer is the best time of year to get a job done under such circumstances.

This could allow for getting a contractor out sooner and avoiding yearly price increases as well. Any concerns as to whether shingle adhesives will not cure well if the weather is not warm enough is not a major problem as once it will properly adhere once there are a few warm days. The few extra days that it could take for this to occur is not a reason to delay a job unless there are other associated worries.

Inclement Weather Repairs

For repairs and damage that occurs at inopportune times, don’t expect roofers to do any extensive work or an entire replacement during the winter or wet season. What is generally done is an overlay or some type of temporary repair to prevent further damage; the full repair or resurfacing will not be done until it is warmer and drier. In most areas, a company offering to replace a roof during cold and rainy seasons rather than temporarily fix a problem area and finish the job later is not providing the best service to clients.

The best way to have a roof replacement done for a lower price and still know a good job will be done is to plan ahead. If it is known in advance that a roof needs to be replaced, schedule the job early to secure a place on a contractor’s work schedule. Sometimes a contract can be signed current prices and be unaffected by any increase in material costs. If unable to schedule the work in advance, try for late spring or early summer. Ideally, the best season for roof replacement is during the fall months – so work towards that time frame and hopefully save some money!

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