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Schulte Roofing Nominated for Best of the Brazos for a 6th Consecutive Year

Schulte Roofing has recently been nominated for the Best of the Brazos Valley Award for Best Roofing Service in 2014. Voting for the award began on Sunday June 2 and will continue through July 6, 2014. Folks wishing to cast their vote may find the official online voting site here. Additionally, votes may be cast in ballot form at participating locations.

About Best of the Brazos Valley

Schulte Roofing nominated Best Roofing Service in College Station for a 6th consecutive year
Schulte Roofing nominated Best Roofing Service in College Station for a 6th consecutive year

The Best of the Brazos Valley is an annual award publication by Bryan Broadcasting that celebrates excellent local businesses. The publication has been awarding local Bryan, College Station, and surrounding area businesses since 2000. The goal of the Best of the Brazos Valley campaign is to help highlight local businesses and their impact on the local community.

Best of the Brazos Valley is operated by Bryan Broadcasting which is the flagship station for Texas A&M Athletics.  In addition to being locally owned, Bryan Broadcasting also circulates several magazine publications, including the Brazos Valley Magazine, in and around the Brazos Valley.

About Schulte Roofing

Schulte Roofing is the #1 rated roofing company in the Bryan/College Station area, as voted by area residents. For over 21 years Schulte Roofing has been providing the Brazos Valley with the best roofing service available and an unbeatable guarantee program; The Bulletproof Roof™ Guarantee. Originally started out of Alvin, TX and then relocated to Navasota, TX, Schulte Roofing has continued to expand its presence in and around the Brazos Valley with two new locations in Bryan and in the Bank of America building in College Station (corner of University and Texas Avenue).

Schulte Roofing has won Best Roofing Contractor, consecutively, for the past 6 years. President David Schulte hopes to win for a 6th year in a row. “Our dedication to delivering the best possible roof has been a standard element in our processes. We have a strong commitment to excellence, which means that every roof is treated the same, no matter the budget. We believe that by performing our very best work on every roof we provide the best possible value to B/CS homeowners. That value means the lowest price, no headaches, and a No-Blame Guarantee.”, states Schulte.

One of the many reasons behind Schulte Roofing’s success is longevity. There is no other roofing company that can officially state they have been in business longer than Schulte Roofing in the College Station area. That longevity is also a commitment to the local community, a sign of stability, and the ability to actually cover a 20 year or longer roof warranty.

“It’s really not about selling, it’s about educating the customer”, says David Schulte. Schulte Roofing does not believe in the hard sell, but rather making sure each homeowner understands the complexity of a roofing system and how to maximize their hard earned dollar. The undying duty to keep their reputation flawless has been the true driver of Schulte Roofing’s success. “Everyone can throw a nice marketing campaign together, but not everyone can do the level of work we can”, according to Josh Schulte, V.P. of Schulte Roofing.

Schulte Roofing provides continual education to all of its roofing specialists. This ensures that each person touching the roof has professional knowledge and expertise and has been trained by industry specialists, roofing manufacturers, and insurance representatives. In addition to continual education, Schulte Roofing performs a background screen, drug test, and safety course for every team member.

Schulte Roofing also believes that their work speaks for itself. Routinely Schulte Roofing advises homeowners to verify roofing contractor insurances, ask neighbors, visit office locations, and ask a lot of questions. Many of Schulte Roofing’s homeowner education series covers very specific details of roofing education; how to pick a roofer, how to get the best price, how to get the best energy efficiency, and hundreds more. This level of education and dedication to the customer has translated itself into an A+ rating and BBB accreditation.

Why Feature Local Business

Schulte Roofing nominated Best Roofing Service in the Best of the Brazos Valley
Schulte Roofing nominated Best Roofing Service in the Best of the Brazos Valley

Local businesses are the true drivers of our economy. The vast majority of the United States works for local businesses. This engine is critical to areas like the Brazos Valley and allows local companies to give back to the community.

Recently in 2013, Schulte Roofing, Traditions Golf Club, and hundreds of volunteers all helped raise funds for St. Joseph’s Trauma Care facility. In additional to winning a Guinness World Record for the Largest Gingerbread House, the entire event raised over $200,000.00.

Voting for the Best of the Brazos Valley is open from June 2nd through July6th. Vote Schulte Roofing Best Roofing Service in Bryan/College Station today!

Schulte Roofing nominated Best Roofing Service in the Best of the Brazos Valley