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In Need of a Summer Project? Create a Rooftop Garden Oasis All Your Own

Nothing says summer like sipping Long Island Iced Teas and Ice Cold Beer on an outside patio with friends. Better yet is doing so on a rooftop bar overlooking the beautiful campus of Texas A&M University. And as many of our fellow dwellers of Aggieland know, the Corner Bar and Rooftop Grill has one of the best rooftop views there is. Perfect to enjoy the game on tv, cheer on the Aggies, or as the stop before or after the Dixie Chicken on your great Northgate bar crawl.  Still, we all can agree—we’d benefit from more rooftop patios, more outdoor spaces, and more views of the campus we know and love.

And why not? A rooftop means more real estate. A rooftop means more chairs. More chairs means more money. We should all have rooftop patios!

For gardens or bar stools, swimming pools or tennis courts—many have embraced the extra oasis their rooftop can provide. Take a look at these 5 amazing rooftop gardens and start dreaming up ideas of your own.

Benefit #1 of Having a Rooftop Garden: Escape the Heat

Chicago’s City Hall

Chicago City Hall's Green Roof - College Station Roofing
Chicago City Hall’s Green Roof | Wicker Paradise, Flickr

Chicago’s concrete jungle stores the summer heat, and the majestic garden atop Chicago’s City Hall offers a serene environment of woven pathways and foliage high above the sweltering temperatures below. The surrounding blacktop concrete absorbs the sun’s rays, whereas the greenspace offers a cooling retreat.

Benefit #2 of Having a Rooftop Garden: Grow Produce on it and Profit

Windjammer – Delta Hotel (Moncton)

Windjammer Delta Hotel Roof Garden - College Station Roofing
Windjammer Delta Hotel Roof Garden | New Brunswick Tourism, Flickr

Money-savvy hotels grow fruits, vegetables and herbs on their rooftops saving thousands of dollars a year and taking penny-pinching to a whole new level. No more pesky rabbits chewing up your vegetable garden.

Oxford Street Roof Garden - College Station Roofing
Oxford Street Roof Garden | Loz Pycock, Flickr

No more neighborhood dogs taking a leak on your rosebushes. Finally!

Benefit #3 of Having a Rooftop Garden: What Better Place to Enjoy the View?

Melville Rooftop Patio

Melville Rooftop Patio - College Station Roofing
Melville Rooftop Patio | Kyle Pearce, Flickr

If you’ve got it, flaunt it, I suppose.  And there’s no better place to witness your scenic view like the highest point of your property. What better location to relax distraction-free with only the fear of a low flying bird to impede your view? Comfortable seating, some foliage, guard rails and you’re all set.  The possibilities are endless!

Benefit #4 of Having a Rooftop Garden: Added privacy and they look awesome!

The Bakken Museum

Bakken Museum Green Roof - College Station Roofing
Bakken Museum Green Roof | The Bakken Museum, Flickr

Nothing says relaxation like your next-door neighbor’s 15-year-old son singing ACDC in the shower while you attempt to read the paper on the back porch, right? And nothing sounds better than a family BBQ in your backyard with a full view of Mrs. Jones next door cleaning the pool in her skimpy bikini she should’ve gotten rid of thirty years ago. Sometimes, you need to escape your neighbors, and what better way than being above and out of their business on your spacious (and private) roof garden?

Get Creative! Dream big! Be resourceful! That space above your head’s sole purpose is not just to keep the rain out. An entire oasis looms above you just waiting to be uncovered and a professional College Station roofing company can get you there with 100% satisfaction.