Better Than Your Summer Airline

In life, there are no guarantees. There are no take backs. There are few opportunities for monetary redemption. Shell out $500 for two plane tickets to California to spend some quality time with your son at Parent’s Weekend his freshman year of college. Make arrangements to play a round of golf, hit the beach, and take your son and his new girlfriend you’ve never met out to a nice dinner, and find out two weeks before your planned departure that your boss needs you at a big conference and you can’t go.You’re bummed. Not only is your wife berating you for not standing up to your boss, but after being on hold with the airline for two and a half hours, you learn that to cancel your non-refundable ticket costs a penalty of $250. $250 is what you paid for the ticket in the first place and you’re just plain out of luck while the airline hyena-laughs in your dejected face.

Rookie roofing contractors act like airlines sometimes, cancel for no reason
Rookie roofing contractors act like airlines sometimes, cancel for no reason

Your satisfaction is our goal? Yeah right.

We’ve all been there. We’ve cried and whined and scorned our past decisions while frantically seeking the undo button that we never find. We swear there is no just company in the world, that everyone is looking for money, that quality customer service and integrity are a thing of the past. Right?


While the airline may never surprise you with an easy and preferred solution, there are still companies out there that care about you and your satisfaction. Schulte Roofing is one of them. Every homeowner needs a roof at some point. Whether after a storm, a particularly tough winter, or just general wear and tear, who can you trust to maintain that roof over your family’s head that won’t crank out a lackluster job and leave you high and dry seeking another contractor to fix it in four months?

You can trust Schulte Roofing.

Why? Unlike the non-refundable airline ticket with all its fine print and impossible-to-find loopholes, we offer a guarantee unlike any of our competitors. We call it the Bulletproof Roof® Guarantee, and it promises complete customer satisfaction that is anything but “full of holes.” Our guarantee is bulletproof. Really, truly, bulletproof.

When you're unsatisfied by your College Station roofing company
When you’re unsatisfied by your College Station roofing company

100% Satisfaction is our goal. With 20 years of experience, we pride ourselves in offering their customers what our competitors can’t– peace of mind in knowing they’ve chosen the best and safest contractor for the job.  We will even give you money if we can’t provide you with 100% satisfaction. Can you imagine the airline paying you for a bumpy, late flight?


For us, it’s called the $500 Leak Guarantee. Should a customer find any leak or issue with their new roof, they can tell us about it and within 48 hours we will respond and address the issue at hand. We promise to fix the problem in three business days. If the customer is not 100% through the roof excited about the work, a representative is brought in to offer a third-party expert opinion. If they find fault in the roof’s craftsmanship and you decide you want a new roof, we will remove the roof, leave a “dry-in” solution, and pay you $500 for your inconvenience.

That’s like booking a flight without fear that something will come up and alter your plans. That’s knowing you’re protected without paying for the special and exceedingly overpriced “refundable” tickets.  That’s like filling out a comment card and actually getting something for your complaint.

We pride ourselves in offering expert craftsmanship, reputable and highly-screened roofing specialists, support crews, and roof installers to do the work, and a level of integrity unmatched in the industry. You can rest-assured that if you trust Schulte Roofing with the task of crafting your new roof, you’re not only choosing the company with the most skill, expert materials, and experience, but that if there’s any issue along the way we’ll take care of it without a fight, fine print, stalling, or name-calling. We’ll just fix it. And if for some reason they can’t and you’re unhappy, we will remove your roof, perform a “dry-in”, and give you $500 for your trouble.

This isn’t store credit like the shop on the corner offered you after your latest pair of khakis split down the middle like a ripe banana peel the first time you wore them. This is a check for $500 to spend as you please because you decided you were unhappy and wanted a different roof.

So the next time you’re on hold with a major airline for hours, fighting for whatever scraps they’ll throw at you for your schedule change (rewards points for meals you wouldn’t buy otherwise; a free checked bag that they’ll lose), remember that not all companies are bad. Yes, the airline that ruined your day will provide you with nothing redemptive except the satisfaction of posting a snarky and negative review on a message board that no one will ever read, but they are not everyone.

Poor College Station roofing warranties are like airplane vochers; worthless.
Poor College Station roofing warranties are like airplane vochers; worthless.

Not everyone in this world is bad. There are just companies. There are people who care about your satisfaction. And there are guarantees that are truly bulletproof. Just like Schulte Roofing’s Bulletproof Roof® Guarantee. For more information about roofing service in College Station, TX and free information, contact Schulte Roofing.

Bulletproof Bob presents the $500 Guarantee, only found in College Station Roofing