Overdriven Nails – Roofing Specialist Friday

Why are your shingles constantly blowing off after every storm? Why do entire sections flap around in the wind; they’re not supposed to do that! In today’s Roofing Specialist Friday, David Schulte, by way of Big Red – our workhorse truck, takes us on the roof to show homeowners what poor roofing installation looks like to a roofing specialist. We discuss why the problem happened and how to avoid it, saving you money and a warranty!


Overdriven Nails found in College Station roofing
The nail heads here are driven beyond and through the shingle layer, instead of holding it down.

Alright we just arrived here on this home in Giddings,TX. Got up on the latter set up and got up on the roof and take a look around. The first thing I noticed when I got up here is the ridge vent is not nailed properly. About the first foot and a half of this ridge vent that doesn’t even have nails in it. It will make it real susceptible to wind blow-off. Ridge vents, when installed properly, have a wind rating of about 130mph depending on the brand you get. But this one here would definitely be a lot more susceptible to wind a lot less than that.

So we go over here and we see a ripple line in the shingles running horizontal. One would think this would normally be decking but after closer observation we can see that shingles are missing here. We can see that when they ran the underlayment they did not stretch it tight enough. It’s got ripples in it and the shingles here are not heavy enough to press it down so it’s telegraphing through the shingles.

You got missing shingles here and it appears right off the bat that the nails are over driven. This is usually done with [nail] guns. Guns are designed for one thing, that’s speed, not quality. And so what you got here is someone that installed this roof that was installed very quickly. And to have overdriven the nails and allowed the shingles just to come off at the whim of the wind. You see another shingle tab missing there. You still see this line protruding because the underlayment is not laid properly.

Alright, just checking tabs here and well, here again you can find a section of the roof you can walk up and literally take large chunks of it off. And the reason of it being is that here you are missing nails that should be placed right in this area here. There are no nails and what nails are here are overdriven. So this roof is going to be real susceptible to wind blow-offs. The customer did call and say “hey, every time the wind blows, we got shingles uplifting and flapping.” And now I know whybecause I have looked at several areas of this roof and you can do stuff like this, lift large chunks of it because these shingles, here, don’t even have nails in it. Only reason they are staying down is the glue holding some of them together, so the more shingles together creates weight, and that’s what is keeping them on the roof.

You’ve got nails already coming through the shingle. And there were spots over here where there was missing shingles that are starting to come off of this roofin a couple of different locations. Alright,that’s it.

Roofing can be done quickly and efficiently, but rarely do those qualities mesh well with quality installation. As you can see from the video, speed is not the best way to do roofing. These nails will rust, cause leaks and missing shingles, and leave the homeowner (a.k.a. you) without any warranty and ALL of the repair costs. To get the lowest overall cost in College Station roofing, look for the best value, not the lowest installation cost!